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What would happen if a stranger revealed his deepest secrets to you? Would you see wolves in the Yukon, black walnuts in October, orbs from another world? Would you look into the eyes of a mermaid? Would you turn from the eyes of the law? Whatever happened, could you ever forget it?

When the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago asked Americans who say they don't read poetry why they don't, one of the main reasons they found is the perception that poetry is difficult and irrelevant.

The appeal of Something Familiar is that these poems and short stories are clear storytelling about characters you'll recognize, from life in smalltown America, the farm, to the strange conversations of otherworldly matters heard on the metro bus, and maybe even a fairy or two.

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72 pages, $10.00



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"I can't imagine a better use of $10 than getting this book. You will feel fresher, lighter, happier, and more alive ... You will get more delight and pleasure from these pages than you will expect, even after my enthusiastic build-up. Really."
Craig Matteson, Top 100 Amazon reviewer

"One of the top 10 books you should read in your lifetime ... awakens a new beauty in the everyday existence and contains the essence writers seek and few ever find."
Rebecca Johnson, The Rebecca Review, Top 5 Amazon reviewer

"Tightly packed with strong, thought-provoking writing"
Carl E. Feather, Star Beacon lifestyle editor

"Completely engaging. This is poetry for people of all backgrounds."

"This book is a pure gift, sharing the power of even the smallest personal actions in the midst of otherwise familiar lives ... a welcome departure from the daily dose of death and violence from newspapers and television."
J. Robinson, Amazon customer review

"Such a beautiful little collection of gems ... I read it with the greatest pleasure and found the book almost impossible to put down for long."
–Dr. Sanford Marovitz, Kent State University emeritus

"More like shared conversation than the work of a master craftsman (which Kat Ricker obviously is) ... Kat Ricker is as fresh as that pot of brewing jam on the stove - just before grandma scoops off the foam for our freshly homemade bread. She is delicious!"
Grady Harp, Top 10 Amazon reviewer

"It is a small, simple, appealing, rich, wonderfully executed collection of writing. I really enjoyed this smooth book, served up with little flair, relying instead on its own, unpolished beauty to deliver an exceptional reading experience." Stacey Nerdin, Paper Diet Books

"Kat's poetry is delightful. Her ability to bring her reader back to the topic is refreshing."
–Sonnie Brown, poet & host of Minstrel Song Show, KCBX FM San Luis Obispo

"Ricker illuminates the unusual concealed beneath everyday occurrences and objects. She considers the shadow of a baseball cap and a lock of red hair in a barn at an estate sale, in this collection of poetry and short prose written over a 14-year span."
–Syndicated critic Donna Marchetti, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), St. Paul Pioneer Press, etc.

"She reopens our eyes and hearts so we can "be whole once more."
–Dr. William Boggs, Slippery Rock University (Greatest Hits, Pudding House Press)

"Rooted in diverse, down-to-earth experiences, Kat's poetry and stories lift readers to the sky on the wings of her imagination."
– William Marr, past president Illinois State Poetry Society (Autumn Window, Arbor Hill Press)

"Take something familiar and reveal its freshness, take something simple and reveal its subtleties: this is what Kat Ricker does with words that evoke poignant and delicious images and emotions of the everyday and the unfamiliar."
–Dr. Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Deakin University, Australia

"This is no book of flowery verse, or pages overflowing with verbiage, yet in its simple language it manages to say volumes ... This one's a keeper."
Amanda Richards, Top 100 Amazon reviewer

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